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Hazel Dillon

Chest Stretching for good shoulder posture

Chest stretches are important if you are having shoulder pain as tension in the pectorals – main chest muscles – can cause the shoulders to roll forwards, which can result in the look of a forward hunched posture. The pectoral muscles or pecs as they are often referred to are the large muscles of the chest that...
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Celebrating Mums, Bumps and Babies of Berkhamsted

During pregnancy many changes take place within the body and therefore a chiropractic treatment during this time is modified to be a much gentler treatment than you may expect at other times of your adult life. This is also true for babies and children as their bodies are different to adults. We feel that every...
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Safe Lifting over Christmas – the Chiropractic way!

Christmas dinner anyone?? I love a juicy turkey with all the trimmings but if you’ve got your family coming around for Christmas lunch that turkey ends up being pretty hefty. Not to mention if anyone is staying over and you spend lots of time cleaning the house and making up beds. The last thing you...
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Pregnancy and Chiropractic

  Pain and discomfort are accepted as part of being pregnant by many women, here at Naturality Wellness Centre we don’t feel it is necessary to accept these aches and pains. We regularly treat pregnant women helping to reduce and often eliminate the discomfort they may feel during their pregnancy. Changes To Your Body During...
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