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Celebrating Mums, Bumps and Babies of Berkhamsted

Pregnant mother and baby girl

During pregnancy many changes take place within the body and therefore a
chiropractic treatment during this time is modified to be a much gentler
treatment than you may expect at other times of your adult life. This is
also true for babies and children as their bodies are different to adults.

We feel that every woman has the right to feel good and in balance during
pregnancy, we work on good postural, spinal and pelvic alignment and muscle
balance and relaxation. We will provide confidence and comfort during your

When treating babies the examination is very gentle and always with the
co-operation of the baby. Some sleep through the session and we make every
effort to make it comfortable for them. During the examination postural and
muscular tension is assessed as well as the individual and global movement
of the body, spine and neck. We use specially modified techniques to help to
gently ‘unwind’ babies and hence reduce the tension they are carrying in
their musculoskeletal systems. We work alongside GPs, midwives, specialists
and health visitors and will refer to them when necessary.

Chiropractic is a health care profession which specializes in the diagnosis
and treatment of conditions that are due to mechanical dysfunction of the
joints and the resulting effect this has on the spine.

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Your Consultation and treatment appointment will last an hour and cost £50

Follow up treatments thereafter £37 for adults £30 for babies and children

Hazel Dillon MChiro DC Chiropractor

Live Well and Happy

Hazel Dillon MChiro, DC, PgCert