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Detox Season is just weeks away. If you are planning on a new regime for the New Year, eating better, exercising more, why not give yourself and your liver an extra boost with a Coffee enema with your Colon Hydrotherapy treatment?

Here are 10 Reasons on Why You Should Try A Coffee Enema:coffee beans wave

1. Reduces levels of toxicity by up to 600%.
2. Cleans and heals the colon, improving peristalsis.
3. Increases energy levels, improves mental clarity and mood.
4. Helps with depression, bad moods, sluggishness.
5. Helps eliminate parasites and candida.
6. Improves digestion, bile flow, eases bloating.
7. Detoxifies the liver and helps repair the liver.
8. Can help heal chronic health conditions (along with following a mainly raw plant based diet).
9. Helps ease “die-off” or detox reactions during periods of fasting or juice fasting, cleansing or healing.
10. Used regularly in the Gerson Institute treatment protocol for healing cancer patients naturally
Even if you’re sensitive to caffeine, it won’t affect you taking your coffee this way. (Definitely do not attempt to use decaf coffee though, you won’t get the benefits.) By taking it orally, the coffee goes through your digestive system and stomach acids, which nullify any benefits you’d get if you took your coffee via the portal vein to the liver!

Victoria and Jane offer coffee enemas in addition to regular colonic hydrotherapy treatment. When booking on line please choose the coffee enema plus colonic option, and when ringing please state you would like a coffee enema as the enema needs to be prepared before hand.

Costs are:

Colonic Hydrotherapy & Coffee Enema £100

Courses of Colonic Hydrotherapy & coffee enema

x3 £270 (saving £30)

x6 £500 (saving £100)

Book online www.naturality.org.uk

or call myself or Victoria directly on 01442 800400