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The Gentle Treatment for Bloating

Victoria Cooper explains how colonic hydrotherapy can ease the discomfort of bloating:

“Bloated tummies are usually uncomfortable tummies – that horrible feeling of wanting to go to the toilet but nothing actually shifting when you are there can indicate that the body is struggling to maintain an efficient elimination function. The bloating can stem from several sources, including accumulated unexpelled wastes, excess gas from fermentation, putrefaction and possible food sensitivities, yeast overgrowth and weakened abdominal muscle activity.

Colonics are a gentle way of helping the body eliminate the accumulated waste and excess gas from the 2 meters of the colon. A course of colonics can improve the colon muscle function, leading to a more comfortable, more efficient– and flatter! – tummy.”

Initial Consultation and Treatment £75

The Initial consultation and treatment will last for approximately 90 minutes.

Victoria also offers specialised enhancements to standard colonics. These include

Colonic Hydrotherapy & Epsom Salt Enema £100

Colonic Hydrotherapy & Coffee Enema    £100

Colonic Hydrotherapy & prescribed herbal enema £100

Courses of Treatment

Often a client will combine a cleanse, ‘spring clean’, new eating habits or a Liver and Gallbladder flush as prescribed by Andreaz Moritz and would like to be supported with a course of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Courses are discounted as you are paying in advance for your treatment

  • course of 3 £195 (save £30)
  • course of 6 £360 (save £90)

Victoria can be contacted on 01442 800400 Option 2 or you can book online at naturality

Victoria Cooper
Colonic Hydrotherapist at the Naturality Wellness Centre Berkhamsted