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Denise was told she had “bone-on-bone” arthritis and would eventually need knee replacements.

After just 5 or 6 visits she can walk normally – even run when she has to – and she is no longer considering surgery.

We used the right tests to find the problem and then fixed the cause of her osteoarthritis, which is nearly always muscle inhibition (weakness). Muscle inhibition cannot be fixed with exercise.

The cure for the muscle inhibition (and therefore the arthritis) will be different in every case.  

If your knees or hips are starting to stiffen up or bother you, make sure you book an appointment to find out how to avoid knee or hip replacements.

Simon King

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01442 800400

Simon King

Musculoskeletal Therapist

Simon King is a musculoskeletal expert who’s primary focus is to treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

He specialises in instant results in patients for whom nothing else has worked.

Simon is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

He enjoys taking care of amateur and professional sports people as well as patients with chronic pain and/or disability.

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Tel 01442 800400

New Patient Consultation, Examination and Treatment £75 (up to 45 mins)

Follow-up Treatment or Advice £50 (up to 30 mins)

Preliminary Consultation and Examination (no treatment) £25 (up to 15 mins)

Complicated Cases or Referral from a Practitioner £100 (up to 60 mins)


Low back pain95%
Neck Pain90%

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