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Ever wondered why you’re feeling weak and out of whack?

Here are the top five most surprising causes of muscle weakness and pain. 
With a painless examination, an Afferent Input Practitioner can tell if these things are the real cause of your problem.


Did you know that when you get a piercings can deactivate muscles? Just like when you stand on a nail, muscles that would push your foot onto the nail are deactivated, so are muscles when you put a nail through your ear, nose or belly button.

Just because it doesn’t hurt a few hours after the piercing doesn’t mean that those muscles are any less upset. Piercings ALWAYS produce muscle weakness, leaving you more vulnerable to an injury.


Your skin is really sensitive and it hates all forms of irritation but most of all it hates metal. Wearing a watch or a ring is the equivalent of keeping a pebble in your shoe. The withdrawal reflex guarantees that your muscles will change their function to make you limp. If your shoulder muscles change, you might not limp but you could develop shoulder and neck pain. Necklaces are particularly troublesome, often causing lower back pain because they alter spinal muscle activity. The heavier and rougher the necklace is, the worse it will affect you.


Acrylic dentures are made with a toxic and volatile liquid called monomer. In some people, this monomer is present in high enough quantities that it may cause nerve system disruption and generalised muscle weakness, often severe.


Metal in the mouth irritates nerves when it is in contact with the gums, which are far more sensitive than the skin. Dental crowns are the most damaging but all metal is potentially problematic.


This is the dental wire that is often placed behind the lower teeth after braces are removed. Retainers often cause severe core muscle weakness.

Simon King

Simon King

Natural Health Practitioner

Simon King is a musculoskeletal expert who’s primary focus is to treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

He specialises in instant results in patients for whom nothing else has worked.

Simon is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

He enjoys taking care of amateur and professional sports people as well as patients with chronic pain and/or disability.

Contact Info

Phone : 01442 800400
Email : simon@naturality.org.uk


Low back pain95%
Neck Pain90%

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