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    Simon King
    Simon King
    Are you Struggling to Find a Treatment that Actually Works for


    About 20% of adults suffer from some type of neck and back pain every year with women suffering 70% more often than men (25% vs 15%).*

    People with neck and back pain are 5 times more likely to be experiencing poor health and 4.3 times more likely to be suffering from depression.

    In one study, people with neck pain were about 5 times more likely to suffer from headaches and people with low back pain were 6 times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Both were more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis.


    This woman’s low back injury was caused by her nose piercing.

    The Standard Approach

    This Patient’s low back injury and low back weakness (he can’t stand up easily) is obviously coming from a dental problem. When the problem is fixed, the low back heals normally.

    Musculoskeletal pain is caused by tissue damage. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what tissue is injured, it all hurts.There is only one cause of tissue damage and that is the failure of the body to resist an external force. Our bodies have mechanisms to resist force and to heal tissue damage. In some people, those mechanisms don’t work properly. These people may go on to develop osteoarthritis (wear and tear) or chronic pain.

    Chronic pain may be accompanied or worsened by inflammation, which is a designed to speed the early healing reponse, but if it gets out of control or systemic, can make things feel much worse than they actually are.
    The standard treatment for musculoskeletal pain involves rehabilitation which is the encouragement of movement and exercise, in the hope of building strength and mobility. This has definite but fairly small success because it is trying to help the symptom (the damaged tissues) without fixing the mechanism (the failed ability to resist injury and heal properly).

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    An Alternative Strategy

    Simon King takes a different approach.

    What bothered Simon about the standard approach to injury is that it took no account of individual variation. Two people could have the same injury (be in the same car accident perhaps) and one would be fine in a week, the while the other might still be seeking compensation 3 years later. Some people break every bone in their body and make a full recovery, others bend down to pick up the shopping and never get better.Eventually, he figured out that it is not the injury or trauma that was the problem, it was the patient. Specifically, some patients had a reduced capacity to resist an external force. That’s when he committed to finding any and all muscle weaknesses with every patient. 

    What he discovered is that what we think of as weakness is not really weakness, it is INHIBITION. They appear the same, but weakness is a muscle problem from lack of exercise, INHIBITION is a control problem caused by a faulty nerve system, causing the muscle to operate poorly.

    What Simon does now is hunt down and eliminate muscle inhibition and what he finds is that when inhibition is eliminated, his patients are robust, in that not only are they free of pain and almost immune from injury. If they are injured, it is minor and recovers quickly.

    Simon is a founder of the Naturality Wellness Centre. He is available Mon-Sat by appointment.

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    Even Arthritic Hips Respond

    Alexandra Sardinha

    Alexandra Sardinha

    Alexandra is passionate about helping others and has worked with various athletes including footballers, matharon runners, and rugby players, as well as treating clients of various ages and abilities. Alexandra enjoys keeping fit by cycling, playing badminton and practising yoga.

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