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11Alexandra Simms

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Alexandra Simms

Body Ballancer

I’m Alex, a local mum of three and a long-time, passionate advocate for the benefits of alternative and holistic therapies.  I am so excited to be bringing the amazing Body Ballancer to Naturality Berkhamsted.  This incredible treatment was previously available predominantly in high end London clinics, Harley Street, Harrods and Harvey Nichols but now you can enjoy the incredible benefits of the Body Ballancer right here in Berko  (and yes it does have 2 L’s – brand name, not sure why!).

I feel blessed to have discovered the Body Ballancer, even though it came about as a result of being diagnosed with and beating breast cancer in 2017.  Several lymph nodes were removed as part of my treatment and the team of specialists introduced me to the importance of maintaining a healthily functioning lymphatic system to ensure my future health.  At that time, I had no idea what its purpose was, but soon learned that I would gain huge health benefits if I could have regular lymphatic drainage to keep the system flowing freely.