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Karren Pullin

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Psychosynthesis is a style of counselling that seeks to bring you to a certain level of self-knowledge so that you can make sense of the constant conflicts in your impulses, desires, principles and aspirations. This will give you the ability to enjoy good relationships with others, to have good health, and to make free and conscious decisions. Psychosynthesis, in over 70 years of research and verification, has developed simple and effective tools which can help us to approach our objectives, by understanding the factors which prevent us from reaching them.

Psychosynthesis is a unified concept of human development and an organised system of techniques which can be applied in the fields of therapy. It is concerned with the realisation of individual potential, and at the same time, to avoid unbalanced growth, with harmonisation of all elements of the personality. Among the methods used are creative visualisation; free drawing; the training of the will; writing; disidentification; exploration of dreams; and meditation.

Psychosynthesis can help you with stress and anxiety, anger management, relationship difficulties, and questions of who am I? Where am I going? What is the point?