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Rebecca Mackenzie


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Rebecca Mackenzie


I am trained in the Person Centred Approach, a gentle way of working, which aims to help you harness your inner wisdom so that you can heal, grow, and find a more deeply satisfying way of living. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

Counselling can help whether you are dealing with a specific issue or wanting to explore a deeper sense of things not being right for you. I have experience of working with clients on a short term basis for a few weeks, and of working much longer term over a number of years. How long you attend counselling for is entirely up to you.

I have found that through being listened to, my clients are enabled to come to a clearer understanding of themselves and their life story. When you understand yourself and your life story more clearly, you can begin to see what has lead you to the situation you find yourself in. It may be that a past experience continues to cause you pain and needs resolving, or it may be something more general about how you see and feel about yourself which has lead you towards the difficulties you now find yourself in, or a combination of the two. Whichever it is, I have found that people are enabled to resolve these difficulties with the help of a safe and supportive counselling relationship. I believe It is through being deeply heard and accepted that a person’s psychological difficulties can be addressed and ultimately resolved.

The counselling sessions I offer last 50 minutes.

Counselling sessions are confidential, whatever you say to me will be treated with the utmost care. The only time I would seek to break confidentiality would be if I was concerned you were a danger to yourself or someone else.

I receive regular supervision, and am always seeking to expand my experience and knowledge though a variety of Continuing Professional Development activities, in accordance with the BACP Code of Ethics.


Individuals – 50 minute session £45

£30 – low cost – those earning under £30k per year

My website:  rebeccamackenziecounselling.co.uk