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Simon King


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Simon King B.App.Sc.(Chiro), DIBAK

Natural Health Consultant

It’s really tough being a patient. Often, you don’t know where to turn. 

You’re supposed to be able to choose from the many different types of therapy, when you don’t even know what is wrong with you!

A real diagnosis leads to the right treatment, one that will rid you of the current problem and prevent it returning.

Ideally you want a diagnosis and treatment that will restore you to strong and healthy, not just relieve the pain. That’s true preventative medicine.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, I can help.

I’ve been guiding patients towards effective health strategies for over 30 years.

Twenty years ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon an idea that changed everything for me and my patients. A complete paradigm shift in health care.

What if, rather than being a victim of circumstance, our bodies were finely tuned instruments perfectly adapted to surviving in challenging environments!

The only challenge would then be how we can stay strong and healthy.

Rather than blaming an event, injury, habit or posture, we could concentrate on being able to respond to every situation. That way, we could quickly recover from any injury or illness.

Far from being radical, this ought to be considered “normal.”

Our body has an almost limitless capacity to sense our surroundings and respond in a way which keeps us safe from injury. It does this with muscle reflexes.

Although most doctors test the knee-jerk reflex, that’s only one reflex, in one muscle, without any regard as to what that reflex is doing in real life. That reflex is essential to prevent ANY and ALL injury and pain, and it needs to be tested in every muscle under a wide range of conditions.

This change in my thinking lead me to develop a new style of diagnosis and treatment which I called AFFERENTOLOGY.

An Afferentologist finds and fixes abnormal muscle inhibition which is the underlying cause of most pain, injury and degeneration. It’s weakness, not of the muscle itself, but of the nerve supply to the muscle.

I documented my discoveries in my book “Live Without Pain.” 

Over the last 20 years I have taught Afferntology to over 800 chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists all over the world and I run a thriving association of health professionals who I continue to teach and mentor.

My Book (Click to Read Online)

I am in the clinic Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The majority of my patients find me when they are referred by other health practitioners but referral is not necessary. I love helping athletes, and anyone with chronic pain and disability. I’m equally happy checking “well” people to make sure they are going to stay that way.


Low back pain95%
Neck Pain90%
Sports injuries95%
Chronic Pain88%