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Simon King


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Simon King

Developer of More Effective Treatment Strategies for Practitioners and Patients

Simon King is an expert in Afferent Input and using Afferent Input to treat patients and prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Over thirty years in practice, Simon has always strived to understand the true origins of disease and ill health.

It turned out that whether or not a patient got better had nothing to do with their condition or the severity of the event that caused it. Patient recovery depended only on the robustness of the patient and robustness was determined by the functional strength of muscles which support the body, resist injury and run the nervous system.

Fascinated by muscle testing and the connections between nerves and muscles, he set about learning all he could about Applied Kinesiology and eventually became a diplomate of the ICAK in 1996.

Unhappy with the “energy” model of Applied Kinesiology, Simon discovered that muscle function could be better explained neurologically and set about developing a paradigm that explained persistent injury and illness. Initially this was called Proprioceptive Medicine and was then rebranded into Afferent Input. He now teaches this paradigm and the treatments that result from it to health professionals worldwide in online training and live seminars.

His book explaining the secrets to a long and healthy life is available in the clinic

With Jane Eastoe, he started the Naturality Wellness Centre in 2005 and has returned to the clinic after 6 years in Australia.

Simon is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. His specialties include sports injuries, sports performance enhancement, chronic pain and disability.


Low back pain95%
Neck Pain90%
Sports injuries95%
Chronic Pain88%