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Lucy Anning

Lucy Anning

Lucy is an experienced Practitioner who has completed advanced Amatsu training in Shinden Jutsu (visceral management,) and Kenku Jutsu (advanced cranial to sacral balancing.) She runs three busy clinics including one at Naturality.

Amatsu is ...

‘A physical therapy that restores balance (biotensegrity) to the body using natural body movement (taijutsu) to correct anatomical dysfunction.’

Amatsu therapy is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese Physical Therapy, with a 3,000 year documented history. It is a unique and relaxing full body treatment that uses only soft tissue techniques to create structural realignment and good health, whilst resolving painful conditions or injuries. It is suitable for all age groups from young babies to those in their more advanced years; and it can help with a wide of problems from neck, shoulder or back pain, to sciatica, migraines, injuries and arthritis. Combinations of techniques are applied according to the client’s needs. These include; massage, mobilisation, gentle joint re-alignment, visceral (organ) management, cranial to sacral balancing, and acupressure points.

Amatsu techniques and balances are very effective because they treat your whole body, and not just the symptoms. The aim of Amatsu is to regain the body’s natural healthy balance through working with all of the bodies systems, whilst eliminating the painful symptoms, and preventing further injury or disease. First appointments are 1 hour, and follow-ups are 40 minutes.

Amatsu has developed by using diagnostics tools from a wide range of disciplines including muscle testing and orthopedic testing to understand and explain the body’s natural principles. During a treatment the therapist will assess specific dysfunctions and the most effective way to restore balance back to the whole body with minimum intervention.

This is possible because of the application of Taijutsu, which is one of the things that makes Amatsu unique. Taijutsu or natural body movement (as it translates from Japanese) is used by the practitioner to induce movement in the client which then facilitates a deeper level of integrated, whole body correction.

Amatsu uses a range of techniques including soft tissue work, structural adjustment, balance to the organ system and cranial work in order to release the inherent wellness that becomes subdued with dis-ease. It looks at the interaction of five factors for health referred to as Godai (Go being the Japanese for five). These five factors: Structure, Nutrition, Energy, Emotion and Environment are interdependant and can cause illness in any of the other areas.

Therefore it is not just a physical injury that can cause problems to the body. All too often life’s stresses mean that our bodies have to adapt and cope with tensions and strains, leading to poor posture, sluggish digestive systems, aching shoulders and necks. Amatsu can help to relieve these strains.

Amatsu practitioners are trained to give aftercare advice to clients, for example:

  • Correct physical posture whilst walking, standing, sitting and lying
  • Improving eating habits
  • Counteracting emotional stresses

Amatsu treatments (balances) are gentle and non-invasive and are suitable for people of any age, from the very young to the very old and for those with limited mobility.

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