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Jackie Garwood

Jackie Garwood

I have a wealth of experience in nursing and health visiting which enables me to work with women of all ages, including those experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, mild depression, chronic illness and those seeking to maintain general wellbeing. My approach to each client is completely unique and supports the body’s natural self-healing processes.

What is


Aromatherapy is a gentle form of massage which uses the properties of essential oils which are derived from flowers, herbs, spices, grasses and resins to promote physical and psychological well being.


  • Relaxes the mind and body
  • Promotes a sense of well being
  • Relieves stress and tension within muscles
  • Emotionally uplifting
  • Energising
  • Promotes sleep regulation
  • Stimulates the immune system

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Holistic Aromatherapy massage

Back, neck and shoulders £40 (40 mins)
Full body aromatherapy massage £50 (60 mins)
Luxury Aromatherapy treatment £70 (90 minutes) £90 (2 hours) – If you feel the need to rest, re balance and regenerate then this luxury, indulgent treatment is the ultimate relaxation experience. This holistic treatment includes a full body bespoke Aromatherapy massage using a blend of essential oils chosen by you. The treatment also includes an Aromatherapy facial massage, scalp massage and a complementary Reiki healing treatment.
Bespoke Aromatherapy Treatment £70 (90 minutes) Back, neck and shoulder massage and a full bespoke Reflexology treatment

Pregnancy and Postnatal 

Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder  £40 (40 mins)
Aromatherapy full body massage  £50 (60 mins)

Facial Reflexology-

Treatment  £45 (60mins)

Full facial reflexology combined with a full foot reflexology treatment £60 (90mins)

Facial reflexology is a holistic gentle treatment which involves the stimulation of specific reflex points on the face combined with an aromatherapy facial massage using a blend of bespoke organic essential oils

Aroma Reflexology

Treatment  £60 (90mins)

Aroma reflexology is a luxury treatment combining a 30mins aromatherapy back massage with a full reflexology treatment on the feet


Please see website for all treatments and bespoke treatment packages


Jackie Garwood

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