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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy which is referring to the energy that surrounds us and is within us. The energy flows through all living things and is so important to our wellbeing.

I treat clients using Reiki to enhance their energy and give them a calmness of mind when sometimes stresses of our environment take their toll on the body. Reiki increases wellbeing and can ward off tiredness and feeling low. I work through the 7 main chakras starting at the crown and through to the root (feet), each chakra is like an energy centre where often low lying energy is sorted so my aim is to always get that moving and clear it as much as I can within a session.

You will feel benefit from a session, sometimes the best nights sleep in years or a clearer mind. A course of treatments is great to keep some of the negative aspects of life at bay.


Balance for mind and body

Boost to immune system

Clearing old and negative energy

Feeling happier and brighter

Bringing calmness to clients

Face Massage

My facial is just the most gorgeous treatment, my favourite and most successful way to deliver this treatment is to blend it with reiki as a dual treatment The feedback is always fabulous.

The facial massage has no side effects and is a very effective method of facial care.


Increase blood circulation, enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skins surface.

Balance, improving the health and appearance of the facial tissue.

Stimulate the nervous system

Improve the lymphatic flow, transporting bacteria and toxins away from skin cells

Strengthens and tones muscles helping prevent sagging skin and fine lines.

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