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It is often not the amount of fibre which we eat to maintain digestive health that is important, but the type of fibre.

There are 2 forms, soluble which dissolves in water, and insoluble which does not.

Oats, barley, peas, flaxseed and some fruit and vegetables are forms of soluble fibre, it turns to a gel like substance during digestion and can help with both constipation, by making the stool softer, and with loose bowels, by acting as a bulking agent.

Insoluble fibre found in wheat and particularly bran, holds onto water and so has a greater laxative effect and therefore may be a problem for people who suffer from loose bowels.  It can however help push stools through the system if constipation is an issue but can be pretty rough on the digestive system.

A balance between the 2 types of fibre is therefore recommended as a means of maintaining gut health.

Testimonial from a Mother and Daughter

The result of the food intolerance test showed that Isla, who is 8 years old, was suffering from quite a strong intolerance to cow’s milk.

“Isla is doing great. She has had one evening where she had a pain in her tummy but it was gone by the morning.

She’s not had to move to the front of the classroom to sit next to her teacher due to not feeling well/feeling a bit wobbly. Which is incredible.

She is finding breakfast time hard due to the milk. We have tried lots of different ones and she says she likes soya milk the most but she just doesn’t want to eat it. It is making breakfast a bit of a rough time. She has taken to whole meal bread really well and is much better with a big snack inside her after school.

We have also noticed she’s not constantly asking for sweet stuff/ treats.

She seems to be able to get to sleep easier and isn’t as tired as before.”

Emma, Isla’s mum,  was not suffering from a food intolerance but some simple changes to her diet and lifestyle were suggested.

“I’m feeling good. Still tired but not getting all the slumps. I wake up still tired and not feeling energised.

 I have  been having a lot of trouble with pain in my back and shoulders- so that probably isn’t helping as my body must be tired from that pain. It is getting sorted but taking a while.

So still not fully energetic but definitely feeling better.”

Isla and Emma Hall, July 2021

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