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Are things always as they seem?

Recently in clinic I’ve seen a number of patients who have had a scan done and given their results, which is a ream of scary sounding terms and that has unsurprisingly put huge fear into them that their spine is ‘faulty’ and they shouldn’t move as it will cause more problems.

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Keeping your Gut and Body Healthy

The bacteria in your gut (the Microbiome) outnumber the cells that make up your whole body by a staggering 10 to one so it is definitely worth taking care of them. Not only is our gut responsible for processing the food we eat, ensuring we make the most of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but […]

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Hair and Nail Health

The appearance of one’s hair and nails say a lot about a persons’ state of health. Healthy nails should be strong, smooth and pink; however, the shape and structure of the nails is largely hereditary

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planning a baby

Planning a Baby

Nutrition and lifestyle choices play a crucial role in optimising your fertility and ensuring that you are creating a healthy environment in which your baby can flourish.

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