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Alyson Carter

Nutritional Therapist

Alyson Carter is a Nutritional Therapist having graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She is registered with the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) and the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). Her background is retailing, having worked in senior roles for Debenhams department store for many years.

She first got interested in nutrition about 20 years ago whilst researching nutritional help for her daughter who has learning difficulties. As a result of radically changing her daughter’s diet, she began to understand the real power of food as her daughter’s behaviour and learning capabilities really began to improve.  She then trained to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist and has been practising since 2006.


Sarah had been suffering from regular headaches several years and when tested showed a strong intolerance to cow’s milk. After a couple of weeks or replacing milk in the diet she saw a real improvement in her symptoms.


I am doing well with no milk and the headaches have remained few and far between so that’s great!

Overall, I am definitely feeling better and the main thing for me is the headaches are far less frequent. 

Thank you again for your help.

April 2024

Bethany had been having problems with her skin – mainly acne on her cheeks- and also her digestion – but when tested, did not show an intolerance to any of the foods. Sugar and sugary foods did however feature in her diet on a daily basis. Sugar is an inflammatory food and can contribute to skin problems and also gut problems and so her plan was based around replacing sugar and eating more slow release energy foods.


I have found a massive difference in my skin! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve noticed a difference. 

I also have a more regular bowel movement (every day now!) 

I already feel a lot better although I’m eating more and more regularly I have much more energy and no afternoon slump. 

Thank you for all of your help.

February 2024

I came to se see Alyson as I was struggling to find the right diet for my IBS after a stressful period of my life. After a food intolerance test and a new diet plan my stress levels lowered and I became more calm, also my stomach has been normalising since, feeling less bloated and having normal bowl movements. Alyson gave me the tools to understand what helps and balances my stomach function and my mood, and how to move forward to keep a good general health. Thank you so much for everything! “

September 2022

I came to see Alyson after a stressful period of my life where I was getting bloated every day and feeling extremely tired. After an initial consultation and food intolerance test, it was clear as to why I was feeling this way. I’m now on the right path and feeling so much better in myself – I’ve even noticed my menstrual cramps are a lot less painful as I’m eating the right things. I would highly recommend Alyson & cannot thank her enough!

April 2022

“Before going to see Alyson, my teenage daughter was suffering with regular tummy aches and nausea.  Alyson put her at ease and really listened to her.  She thoroughly reviewed her diet and lifestyle and tested her for multiple food allergies. Alyson’s nutritional knowledge is excellent and she has given us invaluable advice.  We were surprised to find that she has strong intolerances to milk, eggs and cashews (all of which she ate regularly).  Alyson has really educated my daughter about healthy eating, recommended supplements and given her an achievable plan which has helped her feel in control of her health.  After just a few weeks, the nausea and tummy aches have completely gone and she is feeling so much better in herself.  We definitely should have done this sooner!”

October 2021

Linda was suffering from several intolerances and once removed, along with other recommended changes, sent through the following comments

Thank you for the updated report, advice and recommended websites.  I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you for your help. My symptoms have declined rapidly since I started following your dietary advice.

I will keep in touch to update you on my progress.

October 2021

The result of the food intolerance testing showed that Isla, who is 8 years old, was suffering from an intolerance to cow’s milk.

“Isla is doing great. She has had one evening where she had a pain in her tummy but it was gone by the morning. She’s not had to move to the front of the classroom to sit next to her teacher due to not feeling well/feeling a bit wobbly. Which is incredible. She is finding breakfast time hard due to the milk. We have tried lots of different ones and she says she likes soya milk the most but she just doesn’t want to eat it. It is making breakfast a bit of a rough time. She has taken to whole meal bread really well and is much better with a big snack inside her after school.
We have also noticed she’s not constantly asking for sweet stuff/ treats. She seems to be able to get to sleep easier and isn’t as tired as before.”

July 2021

Emma, Isla’s mum, was not suffering from a food intolerance but some simple changes to her diet and lifestyle were suggested.

“I’m feeling good. Still tired but not getting all the slumps. I wake up still tired and not feeling energised. I have been having a lot of trouble with pain in my back and shoulders- so that probably isn’t helping as my body must be tired from that pain. It is getting sorted but taking a while. So still not fully energetic but definitely feeling better.”

July 2021

“I’m so happy I went to visit Alyson for a food intolerance test, within the hour I was aware of what was causing my discomforts and Alyson had put together a food plan. Within a few days I already felt so much better. Alyson shared so much knowledge about food and the digestion process really helping me understand why my body needs certain things and when to eat. Well worth a visit if you are experience discomfort from food.”

April 2021

“Absolutely first class. One of those situations where you wish you had done it earlier in your life. I put it off and off, struggled for years and years, then saw results immediately. Made me question why I left it so long!!! Highest possible recommendation. Thanks for all your help.”

February 2021

“It’s been just over 5 weeks since I had my food intolerance test with Alyson and I am already seeing the results from the changes I was advised to implement.

I was suffering from a very painful stomach due to reactions from foods I was intolerant to. Since switching foods to alternatives that were better for me, I feel so much better within myself. I have more energy and have even lost a few kilos!

The service and advice I received felt so personalised and I’m so happy that I finally have a conclusion to the way I have been feeling for years.
For anyone thinking of having a food intolerance test at this clinic, I highly recommend it!”

December 2020

“I’ve noticed that my tummy pain has been less as I’ve stopped eating eggs. But one evening, I had omelette eggs (I forgot) and noticed a bit of tummy pain afterwards.
I’ve been drinking tea with oat milk and I like it. I’ve made sure I take snack in between and it’s easier when I work from home.
At the moment, I am feeling ok and the pain is much less which I’m pleased. I feel much relieved that I know what to eat and what to avoid.
Thank you for your help and it’s really helpful.
I’ll recommend to my friends and family if they need advice from you.”

November 2020

When tested, Amy did not appear to be suffering from any food intolerances but a review of her food diary and health questionnaire revealed that there were other factors which she could improve on to maximise her digestion which she duly implemented.

 “I have been getting on so much better, my digestion has improved massively there are still certain things like oat cakes that seem to trigger it off again but I’m learning to listen to my body more than ever.  

I do struggle a bit with dinner times as I seem to be eating the same things but I think it’s just a case of experimenting. I have put on a little weight, I think I’m eating too many nuts e.g. having a portion everyday so am in the process of changing to alternate days. I’m calorie counting just so I can have an idea of how many I’m consuming.  

I am limiting myself to one coffee per day, the first few days were hard as I had terrible headache however this has now subsided. I still have the occasional nap after work but it’s not every day like before. Energy levels have changed slightly, I do feel like I can focus more without the caffeine. 

 I have downloaded an app for fodmaps which is a very good tool to have I don’t find it restrictive at all so that’s a bonus. Very glad I came to you, thank you so much.”

September 2020

Alexa was suffering from bloating, stomach pains and low energy and the food intolerance test showed that she had an intolerance to cow’s milk. During the consultation, we also discussed other factors which could help maximise her digestion and she fed back the following comments after a couple of weeks.

Things are going well, I’ve replaced cow’s milk with almond milk. My energy levels I feel are getting better & I don’t feel as bloated as often as I did! “


Semptember 2020

Brid did not have a food intolerance but as a result of a nutrition consultation and review of her food diary we discovered that she may have had problems digesting foods high in fermentable sugars (FODMAPS). There were also lifestyle issues to consider.

““I cut out lactose, onion and garlic for two weeks (I found the garlic and onion difficult, only because they are in so many foods!). I’ve been using the app you recommended and found it really useful. 

I feel so much better and I lost 3kg in weight since I last saw you. I have tried to slow down my eating too and take time after meals to help digestion. I feel really good and my sleep has improved too! 

I only recall having bloating/lose bowels on one or two occasions during the past two/three weeks and honestly can’t say what may have caused it.

I’m in Greece this week on holidays – I’m trying still to stick to my new food habits, but it will be interesting to see what happens! So far, I’m feeling good and haven’t had any lose bowel movements or urgency. “

August 2020

The eating plan has made a huge difference!! Feeling so much better. More energy, less bloating and had no food related headaches. It has been relatively easy to stick to (only had one or two slip ups!)

January 2019

Thank you for the follow up response. Yes, everything has been going okay thank you, I’ve definitely been drinking more water, less sugary drinks and not drinking right before and after meals which feels like it’s made a difference to my digestion. With regards to eating late, I’m still struggling to eat early enough and not right before bed but that’s a lifestyle change, I’ll have to work on! Along with making time for a protein rich breakfast. So, I’m still getting bloated but hoping to continue to lose more weight and cut down my sugar intake.

April 2019

I went to see Alyson as had digestive issues that I could not understand and control. These left me feeling very sick. I have always on and off over the years had nausea problems but had hit rock bottom. I had convinced myself I had leaky gut but after blood test it was a relief to realise I hadn’t. A mild intolerance to dairy and gluten. I learnt with the help of Alyson to notice my trigger points and found I was not eating enough and had to calm my digestive system for 3 months and I started to feel so much better. I now can have dairy and gluten again if I need to but I only have a little. I have already recommended people to her and shall continue to do so. I feel I will always have support from her if I need it again, which is a great feeling. Thank you.

July 2019

Alyson, thank you so much for all your help!  It’s so nice to wake up each day not feeling ill. You made the whole process so relaxed and easy. Wish i had come sooner. Many thanks 

August 2019

I visited Alyson because I was constantly feeling bloated, sluggish and since having 2 kids my diet was pretty poor. Alyson did an intolerance test which showed that I was lactose intolerant and made suggestions on how I could change my diet. I feel so much better now from cutting out lactose in my diet and also following Alyson’s recommendations on how to improve my diet.  I’m no longer feeling bloated and tired. I’m so glad I went to see Alyson and finally got myself sorted!

September 2019