42 Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted Herts HP4 2AA

Vanessa Vile

Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

Guided by a healing and intuitive approach, I will use a number of techniques to provide support and guidance for any life issue.


The aim of this therapy is to release trapped emotional energy and/or to gain insight and understanding into the issues or patterns the client wishes to resolve, in order to allow transformation of their situation for the better.
It is best used for issues around which the client has not yet achieved as much as they might wish in the way of clarity or understanding – for some, their issue has been present in various forms for many years or, for others, is a recurring theme which appears to come and go.

✨ Issues around relationships of varying types

✨ Social interactions with colleagues

✨ Employment and career issues

✨ Anxiety

✨ Lack of self-confidence

The client is safely and gently guided into a hypnotic state by means of suggestions to intentionally re-experience either earlier phases of this current life (including incidents which may have been completely or largely forgotten), or to other experiences which may appear to be from past lives (no claims are made regarding ‘proof’ of past lives). Experiencing this content has potential to provide deep insight for the client into their issues.
During the session, some inner work is also done with the client using creative imagery, to facilitate the desired resolution.
In many cases, change can be rapid, but each person is an individual and will achieve at their own pace.
We advise considering more than one session for best results, and this can be discussed with your therapist.
If you wish to address more than one issue using this intervention, then it’s recommend dealing with one single issue at a time, prior to moving onto the next.
No requirements are made relating to belief systems.
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