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Fenella Mowbray


I am a fully qualified and accredited practitioner with twenty-nine years experience of helping people. I have qualifications in both counselling and psychotherapy. I take my work and my client’s welfare very seriously. I am committed to providing treatment which is safe, supportive and which offers people the opportunity of real and lasting change.

People seek psychotherapeutic help for many different reasons. They may be concerned about a particular problem or distressed by certain life events or they may require help to cope with and to understand feelings of anger, fear or depression. Quite often people do not know what is wrong but know that something is.

My approach is integrative (humanistic and psychoanalytic). I have also trained in using the arts (music, drama, movement, art, clay) to aid communication and self-development.

In accordance with my code of ethics, I receive regular training, support and supervision, ensuring the maintenance of high standards and continuing professional development.

Psychotherapy sessions last for 50 minutes and my fee is £50 per session. I do have some spaces for lower cost therapy. Please ask.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy involves meeting regularly with a therapist to try to make sense of current psychological or relationship difficulties. I see people between one and four times a week.

The psychotherapist offers a secure and confidential relationship in which current problems and unhappiness can be explored, in the context of ones’ whole life experience.

The aim of psychotherapy is for change to psychological functioning which is sustainable over time. Many clients have had short bouts of counselling or CBT prior to starting psychotherapy.

Psychotherapeutic work offers a more depthful exploration of re-occurring symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorder or addiction, for example.

Symptoms are signs of distress which require to be communicated and understood. All too often we learn to judge them or hide them which compounds the problem and stops us from moving on in our lives.

How does it work?

In what becomes for the client a supportive and trusting relationship, troublesome attitudes, behaviours and patterns can emerge and outdated belief systems, skewed perceptions and self-defeating attitudes and behaviours can be identified, made sense of and moved on from.

The relationship which the client has with the psychotherapist is the channel for this change which can then be seen to occur in other significant relationships. A client’s experience in psychotherapy can lead to a greater self-awareness and healthier, more authentic functioning of relationships, which, freed from previous limitations, become better places to learn and grow.

Have you considered a Psychotherapy group?

Fees to attend the weekly 90 minute sessions are £16 – £25, dependent upon income.

In the group, members talk about, reflect upon and are helped to make, links between their past and present experiences and in so doing, gain insight into characteristic repeating patterns of behaviour and possible difficulties. Contact with others gives stimulus, support and challenge and opportunities arise to change unhelpful perceptions and behaviour. The group can also provide a safe place to try out new and unfamiliar ways of relating.

Sometimes people may wish to focus on a certain issue, eg. past trauma, a sense of isolation, work stress, or perhaps relationship difficulties. Some people come along to find out more about why they are the way they are, i.e. for personal development.

If you are curious, please get in touch with me and I can tell you more.