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Chloe Proud

Chloe Proud has almost 20 years of experience in the industry, working in prestigious clinics in Central London.

Advanced Facials

The magical experience of a facial is to promote skin health by deep cleansing with oils and balms, exfoliating with gentle enzymes or chemical peels to slough away dead dull lifeless skin, the importance of safe extraction of blackheads and milia (those little hard white bumps under the skin) lifting and sculpting massage techniques to drain fluid and puffiness within the face followed by hydrating and deep cleansing cream, sheet or peel off masks to restore hydration, radiance and balance within the skin. Facials are a true sign of skin health and well-being rather than just a pampering experience. 

Chloe Proud has almost 20 years of experience in the industry, working in prestigious clinics in Central London. As the skincare industry is constantly evolving Chloe is always up to date with the latest advanced devices including microneedling, LED and the most efficient chemical peels, always researching the best results with minimal to no downtime. Given her fantastic experience and constant training courses, this ensures cutting edge treatments. Each advanced treatment has a holistic approach and is truly bespoke to meet individual clients needs.

My facials are a true representation of beautifully blended holistic and science based results driven treatments. 

I have specifically curated my treatment menu to be able to treat a wide range of skin concerns from acne, acne scarring to general ageing and sensitivity. 

I have worked with microneedling for the past 10 years Skinpen microneedling is the only FDA and CE certified microneedling device in the world so I had to bring it onboard to my own facial space as it is the safest device for remodelling collagen and stimulating fibroblasts to plump face and body scars, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and restore a healthy glow especially when used with Growth factors and new to the skincare game ground breaking Exosomes for the ultimate skin biohacking.  

I also offer DermaFrac microneedling combining gentle microneedling with simultaneous infusion of bespoke serums for instant, clarification, rejuvenation, hydration and brightening creating an insane glow with little downtime. This is a perfect introduction to microneedling treatments and can be combined with a course of Skinpen for ultimate skin perfection. 

The majority of my treatments include Dermalux LED it has red, blue and NIR options to heal, stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and bacteria to prolong results after my bespoke facials.

I am so excited to bring my wonderful treatments to Naturality wellness clinic and give that incredible glow to the people of Berkhamsted! 

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