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Vanessa Vile

Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counsellor
Embrace a warm and holistic approach to healing with Vanessa (Vile), a Spiritual Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.
Guided by a healing and intuitive approach, I will use a number of techniques to provide support and guidance for any life issue.
I will help you to release fear and blocked energies, access your feelings and emotions, and raise self awareness.
By letting go of what no longer serves us, we can allow our true self to emerge and transformation to take place, aligning ourselves with our soul’s purpose.



At its core, hypnotherapy is the practice of inducing a trance-like state in order to access one’s inner resources and facilitate positive change. By bypassing the conscious mind and tapping directly into the subconscious where ingrained beliefs and patterns are held, hypnotherapy aims to assist individuals in uncovering unresolved emotional issues, addressing deep-seated fears or phobias, and promoting personal growth and development. It holds profound potential for transformation and self-discovery.


Whether you seek resolution for past trauma, need guidance through life transitions, or desire personal development, by embracing the power of open hearts and mindful connections, I will create a safe space where healing and transformation can flourish. Explore your innermost thoughts, emotions and experiences in a secure and non-judgmental environment.

Soul Plan Reading

The soul plan is a blueprint, a divine map that guides us on our journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. It holds the key to uncovering our purpose and unlocking our true potential. As we become attuned to our inner voice and intuition, we start unravelling the threads of our life’s purpose, allowing our true essence to shine forth. If you want to discover your true purpose in this life, please continue reading.