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Tracy Mainolfi

Cognitive Analytic Therapist

I am a fully qualified and accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapist. I am also a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist, have a qualification in counselling, and have completed training and courses in many other psychological therapies including Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have thirty years’ experience of working therapeutically and psychologically in mental health across a wide range of NHS mental health services, including Specialist Eating Disorder Services.

I have experience of working with clients presenting with a range of different problems including anxiety, low mood, post-natal depression, eating disorders, stress related to study or employment, difficulties with relationships and low self-esteem.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about my work as a therapist, and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to be in a position where I can support others with their personal growth and development.

I offer Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) to adults who are self-funding. CAT is a time-limited therapy, usually offered in courses of between 16 and 24 weekly sessions. However, this is flexible and we will agree the number of sessions within the early stages of therapy.

CAT sessions last for 50 minutes, and my fee is £65 per session.

CAT was initially developed within the NHS and combines different theories and techniques into its own relational and integrative model of therapy. In CAT, problems are understood in the context of early life experiences and relationships. CAT helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns of relating to yourself and others that have developed from your early life and could be unhelpful, harmful or keeping you stuck. Through this understanding and the therapeutic relationship, unhelpful patterns can be identified, and new healthier coping strategies and ways of relating to self and others can be explored and learnt.

For more information on CAT please visit The Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT) website at www.acat.me.uk

CAT can help with a range of difficulties and mental health conditions, including relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and difficulties managing emotions. It maybe that you have experienced a recent challenging life event, such as a bereavement, the ending of a relationship or stress at work that is overwhelming your normal coping techniques; at these times people can seek therapy to be supported to process their emotions, and be helped to build on existing resources for moving forward. At other times, people seek therapy for their own personal development, or at a crossroads in their life, giving themselves space to reflect on what they want, who they are and what matters to them.

Whatever your reason for considering therapy, if you are interested in CAT and whether it could be helpful to you, please do make contact with me and we can think about it more together.