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Carmel Twomey

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Carmel Twomey

Multidisciplinary Therapist

More recently, Carmel became interested in the emotional causes of dis-ease due to personal health issues, training and treating clients worldwide for the last six years with talking therapy. 

She teaches you to understand how the body communicates through unwanted symptoms, finds the triggers, and then begins resolving them. 

Carmel believes we increase the chance of living a happy, healthy life by raising awareness and understanding of how we function on all levels and taking a more rounded and active role in our health. 

Our emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies directly affect the physical body and should be addressed correctly to increase the chance of overcoming all physical ailments. They say knowledge is power, which is also true regarding our health. All too often, ignorance and lack of awareness keep us in recurring cycles of ill health.


All Treatments 60 mins – £95