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Alyson Carter

Alyson Carter

Alyson Carter is a Nutritional Therapist having graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She is registered with the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) and the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

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Initial Consultation –         1 hour   –       £80
Follow Up Consultation – 45 minutes – £50

Food Intolerance Test (including consultation) – £125 

Full details are on the Nutrition 4 Life website.

Nutritional Therapy

Certain foods will enhance your overall wellbeing and make you feel good whilst others may be detrimental leading to common health complaints such as low energy weight gain and problems with digestion or stress.

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Nutritional therapy practitioners use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. We recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

How Nutritional Therapy Can Help You

Restore Digestive Health

I feel bloated a lot of the time and alternate between constipation and diarrhoea

We look in detail at the common food culprits which cause bloating and where/if they feature in the diet and look at a strategy to replace them.  We often carry out a food intolerance test (see below) to identify which foods may be contributing to the digestive issues.

Ensure Optimal Nutrition

“I often feel something is lacking in my diet and I regularly feel under the weather.”

We carry out a detailed review of your food diary, any possible deficiencies are highlighted and recommendations given on how to restore the balance


“I often feel bloated after eating foods but am not sure which ones, if I knew what they were, I could exclude them from my diet and am sure I would feel better.”

A Food Intolerance test is carried out at the clinic; a finger prick of blood is taken and it is tested for anti-bodies in the blood against certain foods which represent approximately 80% of foods against which we may have an intolerance (wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, eggs oats and yeast to name but a few). The results are available there and then and the client leaves with a plan to follow based on the results


“I would like to lose weight and keep it off !”

We set you on a 16 week healthy eating weight loss programme and introduce you to tried and tested principals which can help you to lose weight. We are with you every step of the way with regular contact by phone and planned reviews to check progress and keep you on track.


‘I feel stressed when I wake up in the morning and it stays with me throughout the day”

We ensure you are including ‘calming’ foods in the diet and excluding/limiting the ones which can stress the body and also look at lifestyle changes which may help.


“I always feel tired and in the afternoon, I could easily have a nap after lunch”

We check if your blood sugar level is balanced and what foods you are eating when and ensure the diet is balanced so as to avoid such dips in energy.

In preparation for the consultation, the client will fill in a food diary and health questionnaire and bring it along with them for review. 



When tested, Amy did not appear to be suffering from any food intolerances but a review of her food diary and health questionnaire revealed that there were other factors which she could improve on to maximise her digestion which she duly implemented.

 “I have been getting on so much better, my digestion has improved massively there are still certain things like oat cakes that seem to trigger it off again but I’m learning to listen to my body more than ever.  

I do struggle a bit with dinner times as I seem to be eating the same things but I think it’s just a case of experimenting. I have put on a little weight, I think I’m eating too many nuts e.g. having a portion everyday so am in the process of changing to alternate days. I’m calorie counting just so I can have an idea of how many I’m consuming.  

I am limiting myself to one coffee per day, the first few days were hard as I had terrible headache however this has now subsided. I still have the occasional nap after work but it’s not every day like before. Energy levels have changed slightly, I do feel like I can focus more without the caffeine. 

 I have downloaded an app for fodmaps which is a very good tool to have I don’t find it restrictive at all so that’s a bonus. Very glad I came to you, thank you so much.”

September 2020

Alexa was suffering from bloating, stomach pains and low energy and the food intolerance test showed that she had an intolerance to cow’s milk. During the consultation, we also discussed other factors which could help maximise her digestion and she fed back the following comments after a couple of weeks.

Things are going well, I’ve replaced cow’s milk with almond milk. My energy levels I feel are getting better & I don’t feel as bloated as often as I did! “


Semptember 2020

Brid did not have a food intolerance but as a result of a nutrition consultation and review of her food diary we discovered that she may have had problems digesting foods high in fermentable sugars (FODMAPS). There were also lifestyle issues to consider.

““I cut out lactose, onion and garlic for two weeks (I found the garlic and onion difficult, only because they are in so many foods!). I’ve been using the app you recommended and found it really useful. 

I feel so much better and I lost 3kg in weight since I last saw you. I have tried to slow down my eating too and take time after meals to help digestion. I feel really good and my sleep has improved too! 

I only recall having bloating/lose bowels on one or two occasions during the past two/three weeks and honestly can’t say what may have caused it.

I’m in Greece this week on holidays – I’m trying still to stick to my new food habits, but it will be interesting to see what happens! So far, I’m feeling good and haven’t had any lose bowel movements or urgency. “

August 2020

The eating plan has made a huge difference!! Feeling so much better. More energy, less bloating and had no food related headaches. It has been relatively easy to stick to (only had one or two slip ups!)

January 2019

Thank you for the follow up response. Yes, everything has been going okay thank you, I’ve definitely been drinking more water, less sugary drinks and not drinking right before and after meals which feels like it’s made a difference to my digestion. With regards to eating late, I’m still struggling to eat early enough and not right before bed but that’s a lifestyle change, I’ll have to work on! Along with making time for a protein rich breakfast. So, I’m still getting bloated but hoping to continue to lose more weight and cut down my sugar intake.

April 2019

I went to see Alyson as had digestive issues that I could not understand and control. These left me feeling very sick. I have always on and off over the years had nausea problems but had hit rock bottom. I had convinced myself I had leaky gut but after blood test it was a relief to realise I hadn’t. A mild intolerance to dairy and gluten. I learnt with the help of Alyson to notice my trigger points and found I was not eating enough and had to calm my digestive system for 3 months and I started to feel so much better. I now can have dairy and gluten again if I need to but I only have a little. I have already recommended people to her and shall continue to do so. I feel I will always have support from her if I need it again, which is a great feeling. Thank you.

July 2019

Alyson, thank you so much for all your help!  It’s so nice to wake up each day not feeling ill. You made the whole process so relaxed and easy. Wish i had come sooner. Many thanks 

August 2019

I visited Alyson because I was constantly feeling bloated, sluggish and since having 2 kids my diet was pretty poor. Alyson did an intolerance test which showed that I was lactose intolerant and made suggestions on how I could change my diet. I feel so much better now from cutting out lactose in my diet and also following Alyson’s recommendations on how to improve my diet.  I’m no longer feeling bloated and tired. I’m so glad I went to see Alyson and finally got myself sorted!

September 2019