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Berkhamsted's Exceptional Natural Health and Treatment Centre

For 10 years our mission has been to help people create a healthier life for themselves and their families.

Our patients realise that regaining and retaining their health is within their reach and under their control. They know that an increasingly stretched and stressed medical system is unable to give them the time and advice they need to thrive, free of illness and injury.

Our treatments find and eliminate the many challenges to optimal health. Once these stressors are removed, your body’s natural healing ability is free to do what it does best, return you to a state of vibrant good health. Your body is the best doctor you will ever have, as long as it is working properly.

All of our practitioners are specialists in their field. They are all highly trained and experienced.

GP referral is not necessary but we will work with your GP or specialist if you wish.

For appointments or advice, ring the clinic or one of our practitioners directly on the number listed. You can also book appointments online.

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Appointment Line 01442 800400

Our counsellors would rather speak to you on the phone before making an appointment, please call them directly.


Opening hours

Access to the clinic is by appointment only.

A door code will be sent to you by text on the morning of your appointment.

Mon - Fri09:00 - 20:00
Sat09:00 - 14:00
Highly Qualified and Professional

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All of our practitioners are highly trained and dedicated to making a real difference for their patients. We have a wide variety of skills and an enviable reputation built on results and service.

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Make an appointment

You can book online using the link above for many of our practitioners.

A few, the counsellors especially, would like to talk to you before making an appointment. You can call them on their mobile numbers and they will get back to you.

01442 800400 info@naturality.org.uk

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